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As a contractor this is where you register your details. Please note you must have a limited company to proceed. A registration fee of £25+VAT (Annually) is charged after which you will be able to browse jobs and interact with potential clients initially through our messaging service.

Password must be 8 characters long including 1 Capital letter, 1 number, 1 special character

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About Dynamics Resource D365 Resource Platform

Welcome to D365 Resource. This website aims to join up end users (Clients) with Contractors under the Microsoft Dynamics ™ umbrella. It is designed to be a one stop shop to allow both end users and contractors to register their details and interact with each other based on the end user (Client) having a contract they want to get done regardless of whether it is a few days of work or a full blown project.

Clients can view a summary of contractor’s skills and contractors can view a list of contracts they might wish to do. It is also designed to be country specific for all platforms and workstreams under the Microsoft Dynamics ™ umbrella and users of this site can quickly filter to get the desired results to narrow down who they wish to interact with and weather a contract can be done remotely. Interactions are within this site and where helpful emails are sent around interactions. When both parties wish to engage Clients pay a small fee and contact details are shared so they can proceed independent of this site, however the rules of engagement are that this is on a per contractor per contract basis.

Both clients and contractors are charged small annual fee at the registration stage, clients can post contracts without a charge providing they are registered, and the contract is then linked to their account. Contractors can view a summary of contracts without charge. 

Both Clients and Contractors can interact around contracts within this site. When the Client is ready, they engage with a contractor. At this stage a small fee is payable by the Client and contact details are then exchanged. Prior to this the names and contact details of the Client and Contractor are not visible. The fees are simply and introduction fee, nothing else. The rest is up to the interested parties.

It is assumed that the details stored within this site on the basis that if a client or a contractor register, we have their permission to do so. Please also read our T’s and C’s. 

Please be patient while this website is new, it will take some time to build a healthy base of clients and contractors, to this end we are engaged in continuous improvements and marketing.

We reserve the right to alter terms and conditions at our discretion but with due notice.

Please note this is not a site for recruiters, and your registration is not encouraged. These accounts will be deleted.

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